Managing and Coaching Workshop Series

Managing and Coaching Workshop Series


5 December 2016 9:30am-12:30pm (light breakfast included)

Working with Employees with Social Communication Difference 

A hybrid course for managers who interview as well as leading teams, and for employees who work alongside employees who have social communication difference. Learn how to interview applicants, manage and work alongside employees  with social communication difference in the workplace such as Autism, Aspergers or who display related characteristics. We coach on how to feel comfortable in one-to-one scenarios as you recruit, manage and work alongside employees with diverse communication styles.

5 December 2016 1pm- 4pm (lunch included)

Coaching Employees with Social Communication Difference

Learn how to manage coaching sessions with employees with social communication difference. In this workshop participants role play coaching scenarios with a professional actor. Role plays are based on real life scenarios.  Learn how to feel comfortable and communicate effectively with employees who have a social communication difference such as Autism, Aspergers or who display related characteristics. Receive feedback on your coaching role plays and learn how to uncover an employee’s root issues so that you can problem solve effectively. This is a Level 2 Workshop which is open to participants who have completed any of the other workshops in the workshop series.


Recent feedback:

  • It’s amazing how many traits we all show! The relation to real life examples and real people brought the topic to life
  • Excellent event that was very thought provoking
  • The pace, the exercises, interactive sessions, everyone was open, honest and relaxed- a great atmosphere for learning was created.
  • Really enjoyed the role plays -very good at illustrating the issues!
  • The artwork was amazing and really helped to hit home the main learning points
  • The roleplays were useful as they were realistic
  • Excellent, very informative, highlighted a lot of people that I already work with
  • Roleplaying was very good as was Patrick’s cartoons!
  • The roleplaying and video animations were very good at hitting home real world examples of behaviours and making it easier to identify and understand autistic behaviours and social reactions to certain situations
  • Interesting  to experience how different situations make people feel
  • Very worthwhile –It should be mandatory! Relaxed, informal, enjoyable
  • I liked everything about it, it was the best part of the training.
  • Role plays, illustrations, videos making it real and relative.  It is very important!
  • It moved at a good pace, examples and mix of ways of demonstrating were good.  Cartoon summary at the end was really effective in compounding what we had learned.


Cost: £135 per person per workshop

Book through Eventbrite or contact Sharon Didrichsen, Manager, Specialisterne NI Tel 07565 936191, email to request an invoice.

Note: The Eventbrite booking fee is £8.96

Multiple booking discount: 20%

All programmes can be delivered in-house for bookings of more than 8 employees. Level 1 workshops can additionally be delivered on-line. Please contact Sharon Didrichsen (, Mob. 07565 936191) for further details.



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