At Specialisterne NI, we use Lego Mindstorms Robots to identify skills and any support needs of participants. By building Lego Robots in small teams, participants demonstrate skills in completing a systematic task, as well as self and team management. We then share what we see with participants and where appropriate use this information to match participants to job roles. When completing the assessment for a current employee, we use the information to help the employee perform at their best in the workplace. Our blog article, “How Lego is helping people on the Autistic spectrum build a bright future” gives more information on this.

Specialisterne NI provides work performance assessments and communication coaching for clients of other Disability organisations, government departments, leading employers, and for private clients. Assessments are available on a monthly basis. To book an assessment or to find out more, contact Sharon Didrichsen (Manager) at

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What others say about us

Having experienced one of your assessment days I can say that it’s an excellent way of being evaluated, as it allowed me to both receive some spot-on feedback about things I’d never notice myself, while removing most of the stress of a traditional assessment, and still allowing all involved to have bit of craic!

Lego Assessment Participant

I found the Lego Assessment a great way of getting to know people and learning to adjust to their way of thinking and to come to an agreement by working as a team.

Lego Assessment Participant