Specialisterne NI is a specialist consultancy that recruits and supports talented people with Autism, Aspergers, or communication difference in the workplace. We work with people who may have a diagnosis of Autism or Aspergers, or who can find communication in the workplace difficult. Our experience helps employers recruit and retain people with communication difference in the workplace, and grow diverse, effective teams.

As part of the Specialist People Foundation, we contribute to a global aim of one million jobs for people with Autism.

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Autism & Aspergers Talent Recruitment


IBM Security Belfast Intern Placements 2020/21

IBM welcomes undergraduates with a disability and in particular those who are on the autistic spectrum, to apply for Belfast intern placements 2020/21.

IBM’s Autism at Work programme includes opportunities for autistic people in locations which include the US and Australia. Applicants have access to the Specialisterne team to support and guide through the interview process. Successful candidates have the option of in-work support during the placement year.

The IBM Security Lab in Belfast are looking for computer science (or related) Interns to join our Security Intelligence product development team. IBM offers 12-month placement opportunities in Software Development, Quality Assurance (QA) & Technical Support. You’ll gain the experience, skills & contacts needed to bring to life the smartest solutions to tough challenges.

IBM’s expansive product portfolio offers opportunities within technology fields and solutions such as Network Event management (QRadar), Risk Management (QRM), Vulnerability Management (QVM) and recently developed in Belfast our Application Framework.

This Application Framework allows users to build “Apps” based on the API’s in IBM’s product and integrate into our security platform. Apps can be downloaded from the IBM App Exchange (https://exchange.xforce.ibmcloud.com/hub).

Equipped with the latest tools, technologies and architectures, you’ll enjoy the freedom to develop and test several related technologies across a variety of projects.

Main Duties

Development roles provide experience developing, testing and supporting code throughout the entire development lifecycle (analysis/design, coding, unit testing, production) in multiple languages (Java, Perl, Python, Bash, HTML, JavaScript) on various Linux platforms, using the latest development tools (Java, Eclipse, GIT, Jenkins).

Test roles involve the execution of product test cases, test automation development, interfacing with the development team to understand & resolve potential defects in the product, configuring/installing Linux servers and other security devices.

If you are studying computer science (or related) and are looking for an exciting placement year in development or QA, contact Sharon Didrichsen, Specialisterne NI at Sharond@specialisterne.com Mobile 07565 9362191 to apply or for further details.

How can we help?

If you are a job seeker and experience communication challenges which may be related to Autism or Aspergers, we can:

  • assess your skills , and advise on what job roles may best suit your communication profile and skillset
  • job search and support you through the interview process
  • carry out a mock interview to help you perform at your best

If you are in a job role, and experience communication challenges which may be related to Autism or Aspergers we can provide Communication Coaching, that helps you understand Autism and how to Communicate Effectively.

If you are an employer and would like to recruit or develop the skills of employees with Autism, Aspergers, or related communication difference we can:

  • introduce CVs of candidates who match your job roles
  • run assessment days for your direct applicants with Autism, Aspergers or related communication difference
  • train staff in how to interview or develop the skills of people with Autism, Aspergers, or related communication difference
  • Provide communication coaching for existing employees or new starts so that they integrate well into a team

Lego Assessment

For the team at Specialisterne NI, ‘playing’ with Lego is all in a day’s work, a social enterprise recruitment consultancy that pairs people on the autistic spectrum with highly skilled jobs in the burgeoning IT sector.

At Specialisterne NI, we use Lego Mindstorms Robots to identify skills and any support needs of participants. By building Lego Robots in small teams, participants demonstrate skills in completing a systematic task, as well as self and team management. We then share what we see with participants and where appropriate use this information to match participants to job roles. When completing the assessment for a current employee, we use the information to help the employee perform at their best in the workplace.

Specialisterne opened in N. Ireland in April 2014 and as a first project supported participants on the Autistic Spectrum in the DEL2014/15 Software Test Academy, all of whom secured job roles.