2gether and Recruit Programmes go online! #stayconnected

The 2gether Autistic Community has gone online with coffee meet-ups, cookery meet-ups and 1-1 support being delivered over Zoom. What we didn’t expect was how many would join! Last night we had 50% more people attending our 2gether evening workshop via Zoom- it was great craic! Today we have the 2gether women’s meet-up over lunch, Monday is the 2gether coffee meet-up and later in the week we have our first online cookery session. (#bettertidythekitchen)
How was the first evening workshop? ‘Brilliant’ Change anything? ‘No it was perfect’ ‘The role plays gave it a focus, it was fun’. Why is 2gether important during Lockdown? ‘Social connection’, that it is more important now than ever.’ ‘See, we are all here, and we are not even having pizza!’
Participants on our Recruit programmes have commented on how relaxed it is on Zoom, that it is good for getting the feel of groups, as you don’t need your microphone or camera on.

Many have said how easy it is to use and are really enjoying it.
If you are autistic and would like to be part of a vibrant autistic community, or would like support to get ready for work through our Recruit programmes delivered over Zoom, from the comfort of your own home, get in touch. We would love you to be part of our autistic community.


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