Specialisterne NI welcomes Leanne Hamilton to its voluntary board

The team at Specialisterne NI are delighted to welcome new Directors to its voluntary board. Please join us in welcoming Leanne Hamilton.

I am passionate about neurodiversity in the workplace. As a leader in the defined benefits pensions industry, I have worked with many autistic or non-neurotypical people. What often makes them so good at their jobs is that they offer different perspectives.

My daughter is exceptional, she is direct, tenacious and persistent at solving problems. But as selection processes focus on soft skills such as eye contact and small talk she is unlikely to reach her career potential.

I want to help to change perceptions and highlight the benefits that hiring people with different ways of thinking can bring. That is why I am excited to join the board of Specialisterne NI and help them in their work towards a goal of 1 million careers for autistic people.

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