Recruit+/++ Career Network

Recruit+/++ CAREER NETWORKS access up to date employment market information for participants. Thanks to RealTime for bring part of the Recruit+/++ Career Network, delivering group and individual mentoring sessions and simply being on the phone to give individual participant advice. In 2018 you have helped participants feel more confident about starting a career, change perceptions of what employers are looking for, get more ready for interviews, with many participants starting out on the career they always wanted in 2018. THANK YOU!

Here’s to continuing to help participants get the career they always wanted in 2019.If you are on the autistic spectrum, we are recruiting 2 new Recruit+/++ groups now. We would love to support you to start out on or continue a career.

If you are an employer and are interested in sharing your expertise with autistic people starting out on careers, we would love to hear from you!
For details, visit or contact
Pictured below: Ruth Trimble, Emma Connolly, and Bronagh Mahon, Autism Specialists at Specialisterne NI with Paddy Burns and Josh Oliver, Specialist Recruiters at Realtime


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