Microsoft’s Data and Artificial Intelligence Academy

The team at Specialisterne NI is delighted to support neurodiverse applicants to Microsoft’s third academy in Belfast, Microsoft’s Data and Artificial Intelligence Academy. The Data and AI Academy is a 12 week intensive training course. If you successfully complete the training academy, you’ll gain industry-recognised qualifications and be guaranteed an interview to join the Microsoft Consulting Services team based in Belfast.

How we can help you apply to the academy:

  • Meet a neurodiverse team member at Microsoft who joined Microsoft through a previous academy
  • Ask any questions you may have about the Data and Artificial Intelligence academy
  • Attend an application workshop
  • Book a 1-1 application prep session

How we can help you at interview stage:

  • Attend an interviewing workshop
  • Book a 1-1 interview practice session
  • Ask what for what helps you perform at your best at interview.

You don’t need a diagnosis to access support for the academy, if you feel the support may be useful, we would love to hear from you.

For details of the academy, and to apply, visit: Data and Applied Intelligence Academy | nidirect 

The academy is open to applications until midnight on Sunday 9 May. 

This is what recent applicants said about the difference that support made:

‘I found the support from Specialisterne in relation to this Microsoft academy to be excellent and beneficial. They helped me with applying and with preparing for the interview.’

‘I really appreciate this service was provided to us. It really helped me. Overall I received an amazing support’

‘This helped my confidence with the interview.’

‘I felt less nervous as I had a better idea on what to expect.’



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