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Are you interested in a career in IT? As part of the 2017 Bring IT On initiative, Specialisterne NI, in association with Belfast Metropolitan College, invite people on the Autistic Spectrum to find out more about career opportunities in N. Ireland’s IT Sector.This Bring IT On initiative includes Career and Lego Workshops which take place in Cookstown in March 2017. If you are on the Autistic Spectrum, or have social communication difference, or if you are a parent or family member and are interested in learning more about careers in IT, you can book a place on a Bring IT On Career Workshop.

Bring IT On Career Workshop: 11 March 2017 2pm -5pm

Venue: The Burnavon, Cookstown

This workshop will help you learn about roles in the IT Sector and how to best prepare for each role. We will share how people on the Autistic Spectrum are making a difference to the N. Ireland IT Sector by bringing valuable skills and an ability to think out-of-the-box.

A professional actor will role-play scenarios of communication difference in the workplace so that you can explore communication strategies for work.

Team Aspie, Cookstown are supporting this event and will be available to discuss their amazing work with attendees. (For details of Team Aspie visit:

To book your free place visit:

Bring IT On Lego Workshops: 18 or 25 March: 10am-3pm. Venue: Cookstown

Specialisterne NI Lego Workshops help participants learn about the systemiser and team working skills they may have. Simon Baron Cohen of the Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University links systemiser traits to the skills required for IT Sector roles. By building Lego Robots in small teams our Autism Specialists develop Skills Profiles for participants which can help you choose career options.


Please note that Lego Workshops are now fully booked and you are invited to join a waiting list. Should no spaces become available, you will be advised of the next available funded spaces on Lego Workshops.

To join the waiting list for Lego Workshops, visit:

For further details, contact

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