Would you like to contribute to 1 million careers for autistic people?


Specialisterne NI is part of the international Specialisterne network which works across 15 countries to support 1 million careers for autistic people. Specialisterne NI opened in Belfast in 2014 and now has a team of 10 Autism Specialists. We support autistic people, age 10 – 60+,  to feel more confident, to connect with each other, and to prepare for and fulfill rewarding careers. Specialisterne is a pioneer of the Autism at Work movement. Autism at Work inspires companies worldwide to adopt best practice when recruiting and developing the talents of autistic people.

In 2015 Specialisterne NI started a process of consulting with autistic people. Rather than assuming what autistic people want, we asked autistic people about wants and needs and how Specialisterne NI could be of service. This started the creation of a dynamic and exciting culture, by which every programme at Specialisterne NI is informed by participants’ thoughts and ideas. We believe that listening to and acting on the thoughts and ideas of autistic people can lead to changing the root issues which autistic people face in their daily lives.

Due to a period of growth, Specialisterne is recruiting 2 new board members. Having had an interim Chair, we are appointing a Chair.

If you are excited at the opportunity to be part of a participant-led organisation, and are passionate about improving the lives of autistic people, we would like to hear from you.

For an information pack, please contact Sharon Didrichsen at Sharond@specialisterne.com



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