If you are autistic and would like to start or continue a career,

we would love to hear from you. All Specialisterne NI programmes are co-designed with autistic people. Autistic people tell us it helps to have ‘pick and mix’ options where you can choose how and when to take part, the parts that suit you best. That is why on Specialisterne programmes you decide what you take part in, how you take part, and what you would like to learn or do. Autistic people have told us it is good to have 1-1 support, and that it is also useful to connect with and learn from each other. In fact we have seen that when people feel part of a community, and more confident, interviews are easier. Currently we are offering support to secure or continue on careers through WWW, ALL2gether and Count Me IN programmes (see details below). You are very welcome to contact our team to find out more!

WWW Programmes

WWW programmes support autistic people to get ready for and to secure careers across all sectors and types of careers.  The focus of WWW is to not only help you secure a job role, but also to help you develop the skills to stay in work and thrive, progressing in the job role. For further details on WWW programmes, please click here: www.work, supporting neurodivergent people to secure and progress in rewarding careers – Specialisterne NI

WWW programmes are  part funded through the Northern Ireland European Social Fund Programme 2022 -2023, the Department for the Economy, and the Department for Communities.

ALL2gether Autistic Community

ALL2gether is an autistic adult community which started in 2017 when autistic people said that while having a career is important, so is being with others, feeling more socially connected, and being part of a community. ALL2gether is designed by the people who take part, from programme aims, to interest topics, and has a ‘pick and mix’ style where you choose what parts are most of interest to you. ALL2gether currently is running virtually, with activities including weekly interest groups, board games, H.A.P.P.Y. wellbeing sessions, group workshops and autistic mentor sessions . For details please contact Emma.connolly@specialisterne.com or Maggie.lockhart@specialisterne.com

Elaine Stephens

Elaine Stephens

Programmes Manager