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Asperger’s syndrome: Employers need awareness of challenges

  Shelley Corrigan shares her experiences of working at Software House Tascomi where Shelley has been working for a number of years. Read the BBC news feature here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-39095368 or watch the BBC News feature on BBC iplayer http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08fvpn5/bbc-newsline-evening-news-27022017 (Feature starts at 15 minutes). Great to see Shelley and Tascomi’s experience highlighted and shared. #goodpractice #diversity […]

Bring IT On

Are you interested in a career in IT? As part of the 2017 Bring IT On initiative, Specialisterne NI, in association with Belfast Metropolitan College, invite people on the Autistic Spectrum to find out more about career opportunities in N. Ireland’s IT Sector.This Bring IT On initiative includes Career and Lego Workshops which take place […]

In memory of Patrick Sanders, 1976-2017

  We are very sorry to share that Patrick Sanders who has worked with Specialisterne for some time has passed away. Patrick was part of our team so much so we called him ‘our Patrick’. His creative insight and wisdom made what we provided so much more than what it initially was as he co-designed […]

Launching Cr8

Specialisterne NI are delighted to introduce an exciting new project ‘Cr8’ which has the aim of helping creative people on the Autistic Spectrum get ready for careers in Creative Sectors. Applications are now open for Cr8. Participants will have the opportunity to: Participate in a one day Lego Assessment Workshop where participants build Lego Mindstorms […]

Aren’t we all on the Spectrum somewhere?

It’s the question I am asked the most, and it’s hard to answer. From one viewpoint, the answer is yes. After all there is no behaviour specific to the Autistic Spectrum, just different degrees of shared human behaviour. There are, however, distinctive patterns of behaviour, patterns, according to Autism expert Uta Frith, that can be […]

‘Small allowances to make’

  Read Ryan’s story in Belfast Live of how small changes in the workplace have made a difference. Join with Specialisterne in signing the National Autistic Society petition. Ryan says: “Now is the time for everyone to take action to make sure autistic adults get the jobs they deserve by signing the petition to close […]

Managing and Coaching Workshop Series

Managing and Coaching Workshop Series   5 December 2016 9:30am-12:30pm (light breakfast included) Working with Employees with Social Communication Difference  A hybrid course for managers who interview as well as leading teams, and for employees who work alongside employees who have social communication difference. Learn how to interview applicants, manage and work alongside employees  with […]

Extracts from 2gether

At Specialisterne NI’s recent consultation with adults on the Autistic Spectrum participants rated 5 social barriers according to which were considered the most important. The 5 social barriers under consideration were communication, organisational, financial, environmental, and attitudinal. The barrier rated as most important by the group was Attitudinal, followed by Communication.


        Thanks to everyone who took part in today’s 2gether workshop, to Keith McAllister of Queen’s University for facilitating participants’ review of the data collected so far, and to Patrick Sanders for capturing thoughts and ideas from the workshop (in the lovely artwork roll below). As usual, coming together is a space […]