We are excited to announce the launch of ALL2gether@work, Specialisterne NI’s new inter-company network for autistic employees! The All2gether@work network is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund Northern Ireland Designed to change the way autistic and neurodivergent people are supported in work, by moving to a community model of support, where autistic people connect with and support each other, the ALL2gether@work network builds on 4 years of autistic people connecting and learning from each other in N Ireland.
For details of how you or employees at your company can take part, please contact me at

Social Impact Partner

Social Impact Partner

Specialisterne NI is a not for private profit social enterprise which is part of the Specialisterne international network, which has the aim of 1 million careers for autistic people. Specialisterne NI has worked since 2014 to support autistic people to get ready for, secure, and progress in rewarding careers. Specialisterne is frequently referenced in research as a case study of good practice.

Specialisterne NI is welcoming Expressions of Interests to be a Social Impact Partner for the following programmes:

All2gether, an autistic adult community which runs until November 2023.

Dot to Dot, a new autistic community across primary schools which runs until March 2024.

Count Me IN, an employability programme which runs until June 2022.

The Social Impact Partner may also be considered for social impact measurement of other programmes during the period up until March 2024.


  • In-depth knowledge of impact assessment and methodologies
  • Demonstrated ability to put participants in the lead.
  • Demonstrated ability to use quantitative and qualitative impact assessment tools
  • A creative approach to problem-solving related to social impact measurement.
  • Demonstrated ability to tailor impact measurement according to participants’ communication preferences.
  • Demonstrated ability to advise on impact collection in a way that is sustainable, systematic, practical and which adds value



  • Study related to social impact measurement at 3rd level
  • Demonstrated understanding of impact evaluation where participants are on the autistic spectrum
  • Knowledge of autism and of the daily life experience of autistic people
  • Experience in carrying out surveys, focus groups and other impact evaluation methods with autistic adults and autistic children and young people.
  • Experience in evaluating participant-led programmes.
  • Preparation of impact reports for different stakeholders for example, funders, government, media, autistic communities, and in various formats, for example, an easy-to-read report.

Selection and Shortlisting

The above shortlisting criteria will be applied.

  • Expressions of interest will be assessed in accordance with the above criteria. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide evidence in the expression of interest of how well they meet these criteria.
  • Specialisterne NI reserves the right to apply the above desirable criteria for shortlisting purposes, in the order in which they appear.

For further details please see

Social Impact Partner | CommunityNI

To apply

Please send an expression of interest to Sharon Didrichsen at before 28 March at 5pm.

Mobile 07565 936191

ALL2gether is funded by the National Community Lottery Fund.

Dot to Dot is funded by the Department of Health Mental Health Fund/the Community Foundation

Count Me IN is funded by the UK Government through the Community Renewal Fund.