Connect4 Social Impact Partner- Invitation for Expressions of Interest



Social Impact Partner Connect4


Specialisterne NI is a not for private profit social enterprise which is part of the Specialisterne international network, which has the aim of 1 million careers for autistic people. Specialisterne NI has worked for 6 years to support autistic people to progress in careers. In the 16 years of Specialisterne’s endeavours to support autistic people, Specialisterne is frequently referenced in research as a case study of good practice.

For 2 years Specialisterne NI’s team of Autism Consultants have engaged autistic young people across 10 schools. The young people’s voices and experiences have shaped Connect4, a new 3-year National Lottery Funded programme which comes directly from autistic young people’s aspirations to have fun and connect more with others, which includes other autistic young people. We are looking for a Social Impact partner to come with us on this and other journeys. You are welcome to apply if you have a curiosity-led depth of knowledge in social impact measurement, dislike tick boxes, and have experience in and tools to listen to the voices of young people, who may use different ways to get a message across. The Social impact Partner will journey with Connect4 participants and the Specialisterne NI team to provide:

  • An independent space for participants (which include autistic young people, non-autistic young people, and school staff) to ask any questions regarding the programme
  • Feeding back any changes participants want to participants and the Connect4 team, which supports Specialisterne’s Lean cycle of listening and implementing change.
  • An independent measure of is anyone better off, and how could participants be even better off?
  • With participants develop a measure of the whole school and societal benefits of creating an in-school and inter-school autistic community, which may include an economic value
  • An annual report for participants and others regarding the Connect4 journey and evolving impact, including recommendations
  • Advice and guidance to Specialisterne NI on further developing internal social impact tools

As we are at the start of this journey, and Connect4 is across 10 schools, we do not know how many days per year the independent role will involve. We are inviting interested parties to submit an expression of interest, which details

  1. Why you think you or your organisation are best positioned to partner with Specialisterne NI on the Connect 4 programme as it’s Social Impact Partner
  2. What tools and methodologies you would suggest.
  3. An outline of the first year’s activities as the Connect4 Social Impact Partner
  4. Examples of relevant previous experience you may have, which includes examples of social impact reports you have completed.
  5. What qualifications you may have, and courses or training completed related to social impact measurement.
  6. What experience you have
    1. with young people,
    2. with autistic people,
    3. with people who face barriers to having their voice listened to and acted upon.
  7. Daily rate and any other cost considerations.

Please send an expression of interest before 31 January 2020 to Sharon Didrichsen at

Mobile 07565 936191

Connect4 is funded by the National Community Lottery Fund as part of its Empowering Young People programme.