Just Right, a well-being programme for autistic students

Specialisterne NI is delighted to be supported by the Public Health Agency through the CLEAR Project to deliver Just Right, a well-being programme designed to support autistic students at college or university to learn more about skills and autistic strategies to manage college life and get ready for work.

Just Right is made up of 3 different activities:

  • A Lego Mindstorms Workshop, where you build robots in small teams and the Specialisterne Autism specialist team give you a profile of skills related to working in a team, managing a task and self-management, which can help you develop strategies for college and work
  • Thriving Workshops- a 5 module autistic well-being programme, developed by Autism Specialists Tony Attwood and Michelle Garnett, with Specialisterne Australia. Specialisterne. Thriving includes videos and individual workbooks and covers the following:
    • Stress and sensory management tools
    • Social tools
    • Thinking tools
    • Organisational tools
    • Creating a Plan to Thrive
  • Just Right participants will also have opportunity to enjoy board games together and receive individual support to feel more ready for college and work.

Specialisterne NI is an Autism at Work specialist provider, which is part of the international Specialisterne network, which has worked over 15 countries for 15 years to support 1 million autistic people to secure a next career step. In N Ireland Specialisterne is privileged to work with leading employers across a range of job sectors, and to facilitate autistic communities for school pupils and adults on the autistic spectrum. The Specialisterne NI team have all studied autism at university and use this knowledge, and daily practical learning with autistic people, to help you develop strategies to thrive.

For further information regarding Just Right, contact Sharond@specialisterne.com Mobile 07565 936191

Just Right is supported by the Public Health Agency through the CLEAR Project