Level 1 and Level 2 Workshops: Interviewing, Managing and Coaching people with Social Communication Differences, new dates!

Communication Coaching

Larn how to manage, work alongside or coach employees with social communication difference in the workplace such as Autism, Aspergers or who display related characteristics. Working with professional actors, we role play true-to-life scenarios of communication differences at work and use videos to support the learning experience.

Venue: Skainos, 239 Newtownards Road, Belfast BT4 1AF

Date: Friday 22 March. Time: 9:30am-12pm

Level 1 Workshop: Managing or Working Alongside Employees with Social Communication Difference


Date: Friday 29 March. Time: 9:30am-12pm

Level 1 Workshop: Interviewing People with Social Communication Difference


Date: Friday 29 March. Time: 1pm-3.30pm

Level 2 Workshop: Coaching Employees with Social Communication Difference


The Level 1 workshops will include:

An interactive workshop on working with people with social communication difference, such as Autism/Aspergers. Together with professional actors, the Specialisterne NI team will role play scenarios at interview or at work, and explore:

– Developing an understanding of what behaviours of Social Communication Difference (such as Autism/Aspergers) may look like in the workplace or at interview
– Increasing understanding of the experience of Autism in work/at interview
– Enhancing confidence in working with or interviewing people with communication difference (such as Autism/Aspergers)
– Observation of role-plays that represent real life situations and around table discussions about these.


The workshops aim to help participants:

  • develop an understanding of Autism/Aspergers and social communication differences at interview and in work
  • be more aware of different world experiences which may contribute to an applicant/ employee’s performance
  • feel more confident to interview applicants, or  manage employees with social communication difference
  • have a framework within which to consider behaviour that will contribute to decision making which has reduced bias

The Level 2 workshop will include:

– Developing an understanding of work styles of employees with Social Communication Difference
– Increasing understanding of the coaching situation and how social communication difference can be supported in this context
– Opportunity to take part in a Lego Team Communication exercise and observe or participate in role plays with a professional actor to try out coaching techniques


The workshop aims to help participants:

  • implement knowledge from level 1 training and put this into practice with a professional actor
  • receive feedback on your coaching style
  • helping students feel comfortable in individual or small group scenarios
  • identify ways to get your message across with diverse colleagues.

Why Specialisterne NI?

Specialisterne NI is a not for private profit social enterprise that specialises in Autism at work. Working for 15 years in 15 countries, Specialisterne NI has the aim of supporting 1 million people on the Autistic Spectrum to secure rewarding careers. The Specialisterne NI trainer team have studied Autism to Masters Level and supported over 400 adults on the Autistic Spectrum since opening in Belfast in 2014. Specialisterne NI engage a thriving autistic community and are delighted to share what we learn with you so that autistic people can thrive in your workplace.

As a team we combine Autism theory with listening to and learning from the lived experience of people on the Autistic Spectrum in N Ireland. We have worked with undergraduates at colleges and university, through to people on the Autistic spectrum in senior management roles. Having worked to support people to access and thrive in senior job roles, our team tailor learning content to the experience of being on the Autistic Spectrum and in a professional work environment, thereby making learning relevant to business needs.

Working with professional actors, we share the experiences of Autistic people in N Ireland in work.

Workshop feedback includes:

  • Whole course was excellent and very interesting and interactive.
  • Well presented , informative course
  • All information provided was relevant to what I needed to know
  • Now have a greater understanding of an autistic person’s perspective
  • The Lego Exercise was fun, while being challenging and enlightening
  • Liked the real actors, thought was great way of learning.
  • Course was excellent
  • I enjoyed the actors and the real life experiences that the trainers had encountered
  • The role play was very informative and clearly represented how issues may play out.
  • The presenters were exemplary in presenting the course info. The actors were very good too.
  • Thank you so much I have learned a great deal.
  • Well delivered
  • Really enjoyed it, very informative and fun.
  • Excellent, well presented, very informative.
  • Very informative, thank you.
  • I feel this course should be compulsory for all staff. Trainers very informative and knowledgeable in subject area.
  • Well presented- easy to follow. Experts in their field!
  • Excellent course, very well delivered
  • Very enjoyable training.
  • Excellent content and delivery. Helped to give skills and confidence in dealing with a person on the spectrum.
  • All questions expertly answered.
  • Encouraged by management to attend. So glad I did, really enjoyed it and learned a lot.
  • I had no prior experience or knowledge of this area. Very glad I enrolled on the course.
  • The interaction of the group. The combination of training delivery methods kept my attention
  • Everything- the role plays were excellent. Seeing somebody act out the way an autistic person could act.
  • Whole course was excellent and very interesting and interactive.
  • Well presented , informative course
  • All information provided was relevant to what I needed to know

Please note that the cost for individual workshops is £135 (discounts for multiple bookings). A light breakfast/lunch is included.

Numbers of attendees are limited to 15 per workshop.

This workshop can be delivered in house, and additional workshops are also available, such as Becoming a Diversity Advocate  (Social Communication Differences). For details contact Sharond@specialisterne.com

Book through Eventbrite (£135 + Eventbrite booking fee £8.96) or contact Sharon Didrichsen, Manager, Specialisterne NI Tel 07565 936191, email sharond@specialisterne.com to request an invoice.


Recruit+/++ Career Network

Recruit+/++ CAREER NETWORKS access up to date employment market information for participants. Thanks to RealTime for bring part of the Recruit+/++ Career Network, delivering group and individual mentoring sessions and simply being on the phone to give individual participant advice. In 2018 you have helped participants feel more confident about starting a career, change perceptions of what employers are looking for, get more ready for interviews, with many participants starting out on the career they always wanted in 2018. THANK YOU!

Here’s to continuing to help participants get the career they always wanted in 2019.If you are on the autistic spectrum, we are recruiting 2 new Recruit+/++ groups now. We would love to support you to start out on or continue a career.

If you are an employer and are interested in sharing your expertise with autistic people starting out on careers, we would love to hear from you!
For details, visit https://www.specialisterneni.com/recruit/ or contact sharond@specialisterne.com
Pictured below: Ruth Trimble, Emma Connolly, and Bronagh Mahon, Autism Specialists at Specialisterne NI with Paddy Burns and Josh Oliver, Specialist Recruiters at Realtime