3 ways you can help Adults on the Autistic Spectrum in N Ireland during Autism Awareness Month (with or without Lego!)

Specialisterne NI is a not for profit social enterprise that works to help adults on the Autistic Spectrum to prepare for, and thrive in careers across job sectors in N Ireland.

We have waiting lists of adults and young people requesting Communication profiling, and employability support. You or your company can help people on the Autistic Spectrum in N Ireland receive the support they need. You can do so by:

Sponsoring an adult or young person on the Autistic Spectrum:

£40 provides one adult with an employability clinic, where the participant will receive help with developing a LinkedIn profile, coaching regarding communicating at interview, and support to overcome obstacles related to job seeking.

£250 enables one adult or young person to participate in Social Communication Drama Workshops, where participants observe real work scenarios through role play with a professional actor, and engage in Lego team building exercises to learn about social communication at work. This helps participants feel more confident regarding job seeking and being in workplaces.

‘I liked the role plays, they helped me see what work can be like’

£350 enables one adult or young person to participate in a Lego Workshop where 4-6 people on the Autistic Spectrum work together in small teams to build a Lego Robot. Participants learn about communicating as a team, managing a work-like task, self-management and organisation. Workshops are led by Autism and Social Communication Specialists who coach on strategies to work in teams and communicate effectively. Participants receive a Communication Profile and 2 individual coaching sessions to discuss the results.

‘It made me feel that I can work with like-minded individuals. Which is important when working in a working environment.’

As part of the Specialisterne international network, which started in 2004 in Denmark, and is now in 13 countries, Specialisterne NI’s aim is to support 1 million people on the Autistic Spectrum across the world to secure and thrive in rewarding careers. You and your company can help achieve that. In return we will:

  • Measure and report on the social impact of the work you have sponsored. Specialisterne NI is practitioner trained in Social Return on Investment by Social Value UK.
  • Where appropriate, include your companies branding on Workshops and social media
  • Provide other ways you/ your team can contribute, such as mentoring opportunities

In Autism Awareness month, don’t forget adults on the Autistic Spectrum. We have seen how a little help and support can help talented people on the Autistic Spectrum achieve the career they want, and overcome communication barriers to bring talent and skills to NI companies.

For details on how  you or your company can sponsor a Lego or Drama Workshop contact Sharon Didrichsen on 07530859878 or email sharond@specialisterne.com


Managing and Coaching Employees who have a Social Communication Difference.



Learn how to manage, work alongside or coach employees with social communication difference in the workplace such as Autism, Aspergers or who display related characteristics. Working with a professional actor, we role play true-to-life scenarios of communication differences at work and use videos to support the learning experience.

Venue: Skainos, 239 Newtownards Road, Belfast BT4 1AF

Date: Friday 26 May

Level 1 Workshop: Managing or Working Alongside Employees with Social Communication Difference Time: 9:30am-12pm

The session will include:

– Developing an understanding of what behaviours of Social Communication Difference (such as Autism/Aspergers) may look like in the workplace
– Increasing understanding of the experience of Autism at in work
– Enhancing confidence in working with people with communication difference or who are on the Autistic Spectrum
– Observation of role-plays that represent real life situations and around table discussions about these.

Level 2 Workshop: Coaching Employees with Social Communication Difference

Time: 1pm-3:30pm

The session will include:

– Developing an understanding of workstyles of employees with Social Communication Difference
– Increasing understanding of the coaching situation and how social communication difference can be supported in this context
– Opportunity to take part in role plays with professional actor to try out coaching techniques

Recent feedback includes:

  • Role plays from the presenters were very effective.
  • The best training workshop I have ever attended
  • I enjoyed the pacing and felt all info given was extremely relevant and was not overloaded with info.
  • I enjoyed the Role plays/ Great Presenters
  • I enjoyed the real life experiences.
  • Brilliant training.
  • Good mix of interactive and slides.
  • Enjoyed the pace of delivery and the fact that the trainers were obviously knowledgeable and passionate about the subject.
  • The best part of the training programme.

Please note that the cost for individual workshops is £135 (discounts for multiple bookings). A light breakfast/lunch is included.

Numbers of attendees are limited to 15 per workshop.

This workshop can be delivered in house, and additional workshops are also available, such as  Interviewing people with a Social Communication Difference, or Becoming a Diversity Champion. For details contact Sharond@specialisterne.com

Specialisterne NI have been selected by Techies in Residence to develop future online training in working with employees who have a social communication difference.

Book through Eventbrite (£135 + Eventbrite booking fee £8.96) or contact Sharon Didrichsen, Manager, Specialisterne NI Tel 07565 936191, email sharond@specialisterne.com to request an invoice.

Managing Workshop

Coaching Workshop



Cr8 Stories


Cr8 Stories

Do you work in the Creative Sectors in NI and would you like to tell your story? Over the past 3 months we have been working with talented people on the Autistic Spectrum  who are seeking careers such as travel writing, acting, film production, film special effects and make up, gaming, web site design and development, and animation.   If you have a story to tell of how you secured your career in the NI creative sectors and the highlights and pitfalls along the way, and are interested in sharing your story at our closing event (the end of March), we would like to hear from you. Please contact me on Mobile 07565 936191 or email sharond@specialisterne.com