Launching Cr8



Specialisterne NI are delighted to introduce an exciting new project ‘Cr8’ which has the aim of helping creative people on the Autistic Spectrum get ready for careers in Creative Sectors.

Applications are now open for Cr8. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in a one day Lego Assessment Workshop where participants build Lego Mindstorms Robots in small teams, and learn about how they work as part of a team.
  • In 5 hours of coaching, identify key career areas and learn how people on the Autistic Spectrum can thrive in the workplace
  • Meet with industry experts in your chosen career areas for mentoring and get ‘next steps’ advice towards your chosen career
  • Meet with other creative people at Cr8 workshops.
  • Develop a Cr8 toolkit.

Sessions will be arranged to fit in with participants diaries. Cr8 is offered free of charge and is funded by the Department for Communities NI. Places are limited and will be given in order of booking.

Aspergers highlighted creativity and originality of thought as qualities of people on the Autistic Spectrum. At Specialisterne we frequently meet people on the spectrum who are highly creative across multiple areas of their life. We have been working with creative employers and learning how to secure jobs in the sector. Through Cr8 we have the aim of connecting the dots of talented creative people on the Autistic Spectrum and creative employers, providing information on how to prepare for and secure jobs in creative sectors such as:

  • Design
  • Web development
  • Gaming
  • Animation
  • Film production
  • Textiles

For further details, or to book a place please contact Sharon Didrichsen on 07565 936191, email


*Artwork by Karen Tighe