2gether workshop





Thanks to everyone who took part in today’s 2gether workshop, to Keith McAllister of Queen’s University for facilitating participants’ review of the data collected so far, and to Patrick Sanders for capturing thoughts and ideas from the workshop (in the lovely artwork roll below). As usual, coming together is a space for problem solving and ideas sharing that ‪#‎feelsgood


Parents of Adults on the Autistic Spectrum: Training Workshop on Working with Social Communication Difference



Further to requests from a number of parents, Specialisterne NI are providing a training workshop aimed for parents of adults on the Autistic Spectrum. This Level 1 Workshop shares with parents what it can be like to attend an interview or work while on the Autistic Spectrum. This workshop may be useful for parents of young adults who are preparing to enter the workplace or who are already in a job role.

Level 1 Workshop

Working with Social Communication Difference- what may that be like?

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