Summer Training Offer: Learn how to interview, manage and coach employees with social communication difference.


Specialisterne NI are offering a 20% discount for in-house and group workshop places booked before 31 August 2016 (Ref: Summer20)

Level 1 and Level 2 1/2 day workshops can be delivered in interviewing, managing and coaching employees with social communication difference.

To enquire regarding in house or spaces on group workshops email

Level 1 Workshop

Managing  Employees or Interviewing Applicants with Social Communication Difference.

Working with professional actor and illustrator Patrick Sanders, the Specialisterne NI team will present moments of social communication difference in the workplace and/or at interview and explore what can cause and help reduce potential misunderstandings.

The combination of role-plays, illustration, video and examples from Specialisterne NI practice, helps make the workshop immersive and enjoyable.

The Level 1 workshop aims to:

– Develop an understanding of what behaviours of Social Communication Difference (or Autism/Aspergers) may look like in the workplace/ or at interview

– Increase understanding of the experience of social communication difference in the workplace/at interview

– Enhance confidence in managing or interviewing people with communication difference or who are on the Autistic Spectrum

– Provide opportunity to observe and discuss role-plays that represent real life situations

Level 2 Workshop

The Level 2 workshop builds on the content of level 1 workshops to explore the coaching situation. It aims to:

– Increase understanding of work styles of employees with social communication difference

– Explore the coaching situation: support to elicit information to help you make good decisions, to create or build a positive working relationship, and to reduce communication barriers

– Provide opportunity to practice: Participant coaching: participants have opportunity to interact with professional actor role playing composite characters based on actual work experiences.

– Scenarios are observed and coaching  tips given by Specialisterne NI team

Recent feedback from in-house workshops:

‘Its amazing how many traits we all show!’

‘The relation to real life examples and real people brought the topic to life’

‘The roleplays and diagrams were a useful resource to take away’

‘Excellent event that was very thought provoking’

‘I liked everything about it- the best part of our training’

‘The role playing was excellent and memorable’

‘Really enjoyed the role plays – very good at illustrating the issues!’

‘I liked all of it! Very worthwhile – it should be mandatory!’

‘Role plays, illustrations, videos making it real and relative. It is very important!’

‘It moved at a good pace, examples and mix of ways of demonstrating were good. Cartoon summary at the end was really effective in compounding what we had learnt’

Cost £135 per person per workshop, with discount for multiple spaces or in-house programmes (prior to summer discount if booked during the summer period).

1 day to Digital DNA


Specialisterne NI is delighted to have been shortlisted for an award for Developed by AllState NI, as part of a Dragon’s Den initiative, allows employers to post jobs directly, to attract talented people on the Autistic Spectrum for job roles.

Job seekers can register, build profiles, engage in a secure user forum, and save their preferred jobs.

Employers can view (anonymised) candidate profiles, and see just some of the skills talented people on the Autistic Spectrum can bring in addition to skills in pattern thinking and systemizing, that we so often see.

Best Tech Innovation in the Third Sector

sponsored by The Building Change Trust

The Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector is increasingly adopting digital and tech solutions to achieve their goals. This award is a recognition of those efforts and is exclusively open to Voluntary and Community Groups, Social Enterprises and Charities.


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