Forbes Article with Specialisterne Founder Thorkil Sonne: This Visionary may completely disrupt the tech industry as we know it


Thorkil Sonne, Founder of Specialisterne


‘Utilize a “variance-widening” approach, in which companies actively hire individuals with “differences” (abilities or qualities the company doesn’t currently have). Hire unusual people; assess their skills carefully so you know what capabilities you have to work with. Keep the connection to short-term job needs loose, with the assumption that job requirements will continually evolve. Understand that candidates need not be “well-rounded”, since depth in one area can often offset shortfalls in other areas.’

‘one of his proudest moments involved a team of individuals on the autism spectrum (Team Specialisterne) winning a prestigious European robotic competition organized by European Space Agency.’

Congratulations to Shelley!


One of Specialisterne NI’s first candidates, Shelley Corrigan. has shared her experiences working at Tascomi for the past year.



Starting the New Year with the Young Foundation



Specialisterne NI is excited to start the New Year with the support of the Young Foundation, as one of 14 social ventures selected to be part of the N Ireland Accelerator programme.

The Amplify NI Scaling Accelerator is an innovation support programme to rapidly accelerate the growth of new solutions to social problems in Northern Ireland. The programme is designed to support organisations who have demonstrated social impact, and is funded by the Department of Social Development.

Specialisterne NI has been selected along with 13 other organisations. We are looking forward to it!

What I learned about Social Communication in 2015

Last year I loosened my attachment to the spoken word, which may sound unusual for someone who coaches in social communication. People tend to assume that the words they speak are received. I have had the opportunity to observe that this does not always happen.

My interest in communication took shape when I studied languages at University. It developed when I led a team to coach my son to learn to speak. I am interested that when we speak we can assume our words are received as they were intended. However in the space between 2 people the meaning can be lost, it can be as if the words had never been spoken.

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Interviewing Applicants with Social Communication Difference


We are delighted to have both Recruitment Consultants and internal recruiters enrolling on our ‘Interviewing Applicants with Social Communication Difference’ morning workshop on 29 January. We coach participants in how to spot talent and manage an interview situation when you believe the candidate has the skills for the job, but it may not be coming across at interview.

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